Clear Specialization – Relevant Experience

We stand for special experience in corporate, labor, real estate, capital market, and administrative law”

Attor­neys from var­i­ous fields work­ing for you:

  • Fast – because we know how ener­vat­ing an unset­tled dis­pute can be
  • Com­pe­tent – this means for us pre­cise analy­ses and real­is­tic strate­gies
  • Per­son­al – because a good attor­ney offers more than sim­ply pro­fes­sion­al com­pe­tence

Veit Christoph Mau­ritz

Attor­ney-at-Law for Cor­po­rate and Com­mer­cial Law

Dr. Chris­t­ian Dep­ken

Spe­cial­ist Attor­ney-at-Law for Com­mer­cial and Cor­po­rate Law

Michael Vogel­sang

Spe­cial­ist Attor­ney-at-Law for Admin­is­tra­tive Law

Dirk Scharn­ing­hausen

Spe­cial­ist Attor­ney-at-Law for Labor Law

Dr. Sil­via Reichelt

Attor­ney-at-Law for Real Estate Law, M&A, Pri­vate Equi­ty

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