JUVE Handbook, Commercial Law Firms 2019/2020, Ranking Hamburg:

"The corporate lawyers work closely together with the administrative and real estate lawyers, especially in real estate projects."

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Who we are

Riverside Rechtsanwälte: Our world revolves around you

Riverside – we are attorneys-at-law with years of experience and specializations in various fields based in our offices in the center of Hamburg. We provide legal advice with a high level of expertise regarding all your questions about commercial law. Above all, we see ourselves as proactive and far-sighted partners who represent your interests as well as those of your company with a clear, solution-oriented focus and the highest level of personal commitment. For us you are never just a “client” – everything we do revolves around you. Your ideas and goals become ours. In short: All about you. We solve your problem. Mandating us earns you more time for yourself, your family, friends. Lifetime for beautiful moments.


All about you.


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