Administrative law

We always regard administrative law from all relevant viewpoints.

Private companies, organizations and individuals as well as government ministries and authorities seek our advice when it comes to matters involving administrative law. Therefore, we are accustomed to looking at circumstances from various angles and to assessing strategies from the perspectives of all involved players. This skill enables us to represent our client’s interests in each case in the best possible way and to ensure their successful establishment.

One focal point of our work, one that is frequently closely meshed with our engagement in construction and real estate law, is tax law and government liability law, i.e., damage compensation claims asserted against the government and its authorities (such as when permits are unlawfully denied or issued with legal flaws). Moreover, we collaborate closely with our corporate partners to review the administrative law aspects of corporate transactions within the scope of due diligence, such as whether the required construction and operating permits for the transaction company have been issued.

Our objective is to advise you successfully and either to avoid legal disputes completely or, if they occur, to represent you and your interests before all German administrative courts and at all levels nationwide.




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