Commercial administrative law

We are at your side in issues of commercial administrative law.

There are innumerable administrative law statutes that authorize or require government authorities and bodies to monitor the business and operating activities of companies and their products and to take government action against these companies in the event of violations of these statutes. There is also a legislative trend toward self-supervision of business and the involvement of private organizations with special qualifications (so-called notified bodies) that certify certain production processes or products in accordance with legal requirements.

These regulations shape our economic order within the framework of the constitution, whereby most of the provisions arise formally from federal or state law and are attributable with increasing frequency to European requirements (EU directives, New Approach) – and there are even cases in which European law is directly applicable (EU regulations).

We represent you during official approval procedures, during proceedings objecting to official orders, and before administrative courts at all levels. In addition, we counsel you with respect to the certification of products and production processes.