Energy law

Energy law is part of our nature: we promote renewable energies.

Energy law in our firm means: renewable energies. And in particular onshore and offshore wind farms, biogas facilities, and photovoltaics. In other words, the energy supply of the future that is financially attractive because of the remuneration for electricity input into the grid according to the Renewable Energies Act and that creates long-lasting value.

The required approval procedures, however, are legally very complex, and it is not unusual for the power plants (or the accompanying power line routes) to be the subject of significant discord in the local population. The controversial topics generally include noise protection, possible detriment to the appearance of the landscape, species conservation, and nature protection. The Environmental Appeals Act, which has been repeatedly reformed in recent years, gives private individuals as well as recognized environmental protection associations an opportunity to have their concerns reviewed by courts. We counsel and represent project developers, associations, and citizens during the required approval procedures and before administrative courts.