Environmental law

We protect your interests relating to the topic of environmental law.

Environmental law is a legal field that permeates innumerable areas of our daily lives and is of tremendous importance above all for sustainably managed companies in manufacturing and construction project planning. In this respect, Germany has long since lost its position at the forefront of development. The decisive actions today are coming from Europe (key words: FFH Directive and the Water Framework Directive) and are strictly monitored by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

This development encompasses “classic” environmental topics of emission protection, soil protection, and water protection as well as the protection of nature and species. All involved parties must devote careful attention to these topics, especially during official approval procedures in accordance with the Emissions Protection Act, the construction regulations, or other related laws, and must be adequately prepared, both legally and materially, if they are to guide the projects securely to success.

In this respect, we have successfully counseled and represented airports, transport infrastructure companies, supermarkets and specialist markets, and communities and municipalities.