Mergers & acquisitions

We have many years of comprehensive experience, acquired during national and international mergers and acquisitions.

The acquisition/sale of a company involves a number of phases: the establishment of contact between buyer and seller, the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement, possibly the conclusion of an exclusive negotiating agreement, the provision of essential information to the buyer/seller, the conclusion of a preliminary agreement regarding the key points of the acquisition/sale (letter of intent), the due diligence by the buyer and possibly the preparation of the due diligence process on the part of the seller, the structuring of the acquisition/sale of the company, the negotiation and conclusion of the pertinent agreements up to the closing, and, finally, the post-closings.

Our strengths are in the structuring of these types of transactions, in our constructive and resolute guidance of the negotiations, and the drafting of contracts tailored to your specific circumstances. All the while, we focus clearly on your commercial objectives. At the international level, we are especially familiar with the specific circumstances in the USA, Eastern and Central Europe (e.g., Poland), and China.