Collective labor law

Works council, works agreement, collective bargaining agreement, etc.: we find individual solutions within the framework of collective labor law.

As you go about realizing your entrepreneurial concepts, we advise you regarding all questions of law concerning labor-management relations and collective bargaining agreements, conduct negotiations with works and personnel councils and labor unions, guide you through the conclusion of works agreements and in-house CBAs or social wage agreements, and act on your behalf in all proceedings before labor courts. We assist as well in the event of planned reorganization and/or restructuring measures that affect the workforce of a company. In such instances, we will advise and counsel you during every phase of the project from the perspective of labor law requirements – in particular, we will determine whether there is an operational change in the sense of the Management-Labor Relations Act or whether an announcement of mass dismissals is necessary. We will support you during the negotiation of a reconciliation of interests with the works council – as necessary, including a list of names and a social plan. During the implementation phase, we will handle the required actions relating to any transfer company that is needed, schedule the issue of the required notices of termination, and negotiate any possible termination agreements. If necessary, we will establish on your behalf the legality of the implemented measures, especially the issue of notices of termination, before labor courts.