Individual labor law

Termination, severance pay, limited-term contracts, vacation entitlement, parental leave, etc.: we draw up or review your employment contract and successfully establish your rights before the labor court.

We represent the interests of employees vis-à-vis their future, former, and current employers – from the review of employment contracts at the commencement of their employment to negotiations in the event of a termination to the successful establishment of their claims in a termination protection action in court if necessary – and/or in labor court proceedings for claims relating to remuneration, royalties, vacation entitlement, severance pay, damage compensation, or parental leave, etc.

On behalf of employers, we review and draft employment contracts containing provisions governing the specific requirements of the company, giving special consideration to legal statutes regulating working hours and minimum wage in particular. We also review the social insurance obligations arising from an employment relationship and prepare warnings, transfers, and works council hearings. Subsequent to careful review and preparation, we draw up concepts for headcount reductions and also accompany, when necessary, their implementation in court proceedings. During company transactions in particular, we take charge of the due diligence procedure under labor law and the labor law risk analysis for sale or purchase negotiations as well as of the drafting of the labor law elements of transaction contracts. But in the reverse situation, we also accompany our clients during the build-up of their operating activities and counsel them especially with regard to all questions of personnel recruitment, reorganization, and the expansion and creation of departments and matrix organizations.

We have especially solid labor law knowledge of specific branches in the areas of real estate and financial services, rescue services, nursing and social services, the construction industry, the automotive industry, the film and advertising industry, and manufacturing.